Wharton Impact of Technology Initiative

The Wharton Impact of Technology Initiative (WITI) serves as a hub to unify research on human-technology interaction being conducted across Penn, and foster connections with industry partners.

WITI research affiliates are studying the ways that advances in AI and consumer technology are transforming how we work, shop, and communicate.

May 19, 2023:  Large Language Models: Behavioral Science Meets Computer Science

Featured Research


“Marketing insights from text analysis.” Berger, Jonah, Grant Packard, Reihane Boghrati, Ming Hsu, Ashlee Humphreys, Andrea Luangrath, Sarah Moore, Gideon Nave, Christopher Olivola, and Matthew Rocklage. Marketing Letters 33, no. 3 (2022): 365-377.

Knowledge at Wharton

How Do Customers Feel About Algorithms? (podcast – 9 min)
Wharton’s Stefano Puntoni looks at how the attitudes of customers are influenced by algorithmic versus human decision-making.

“Op-Ed: Don’t ban chatbots in classrooms — use them to change how we teach.”

By Angela Duckworth and Lyle Ungar
Los Angeles Times. January 19, 2023

Penn Integrates Knowledge Professor Konrad Kording will lead Penn’s NIH-funded cohort for making advancements in the field of machine learning in biomedical research by creating the Community for Rigor, which will provide open-access resources on conducting sound science.

“The reason for the lack of machine learning (ML) in real-world scenarios is due to statistical misuse rather than the limitations of the tool itself,” says Kording. “If a study publishes a claim that seems too good to be true, it usually is, and many times we can track that back to their use of statistics.”  To make meaningful advancements in the field of ML in biomedical research, it will be necessary to raise awareness of these issues, help researchers understand how to identify them and limit them, and create a stronger culture around scientific rigor in the research community.


Robert Meyer
Frederick Ecker/Metlife Professor of Marketing

Research areas: Modality effects on consumer decision making, Natural Language Processing, Decision making under uncertainty 

Stefano Puntoni

Stefano Puntoni
Sebastian S. Kresge Professor of Marketing

Research areas: New Technologies in Marketing, Technology Adoption, Brand Management, Consumer Decision Making